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Using Videos

A Step-by-step Guide of using videos in Pixotale stories.

avatar Robert Mao
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(You need to update to Pixotale 1.3 to view the videos)

* Step 1: upload your video from iOS photos app directly to your favorite video service.

Just open up your iOS photos app then select any video you want to upload.

In this example I uploaded the video to Vimeo.

The video will upload in the background, you will get a notification when the video is uploaded.

* Step2: use video from Pixotale

In Pixotale story editing screen, after you tap the "+" button you will see a new video icon!

In this example I selected Vimeo. The Vimeo's web site will show up.

To access your own video you need to sign in, all your videos are under "me" tab.

Select the video by tapping on it, the screen will navigate to the video page, you can preview the video as you wish.

Tap the green video button on the bottom right corner, the video is now in your story!

You are done! Isn't it simple?!

Here is the video I just added in this example:

You can embed any video from YouTube and Vimeo, just make sure you have the right to include such video.