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Wildcard: Browse Web As Cards On Mobile Phone

A new card based experience to browse web from mobile phone.

avatar Robert Mao
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Wildcard is an interesting new app to let you quickly browse the web as "cards".


Wildcard simply turns websites and the articles into cards, so you can have a quick preview(a photo with a few text) before you decide if you want to spent more time to read more.

It has an useful feature to put together related contents into "collections". So users can see all those relevant cards in one page.

You can search directly from the top search box, and a few trending searches show below the search box so you can read those by simply tap on them.

Here is an example:

I don't know which search engine they use in the backend, search "Pixotale" only return one article from TechCrunch, and nothing else! I tried some other search terms, most of the result it returned were from news or blog sites. That makes it less useful, and feel more like a news reader instead a "browser".

Something notable is, they build special cards for the brand, you can tap on the brand cards to get a customized view of the content from that brand. Here is an example of the IKEA:

You can't use it to replace your browser, since you can't browse any web address at all.

It's a fun free app with interesting card based design and some handy picked collection. So if you are looking for a nice news reader this app is for you.