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Seattle Interactive Conference 2014

A two half day experience of Seattle Interactive Conference 2014

avatar Robert Mao
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I went to the Seattle Interactive Conference this week, it's a nice conference about design, creativity, marketing and social media.

Luckily we won't the 2nd prize of last year's SIC wearable computing hackathon, so we got the Gold Badge for free. Otherwise the conference fee cost hundreds.


(A photo of our winning team during last year's SIC)

"Makers" is the theme of this year's SIC. However I think the conference does not deliver a clear message about what they think the "makers" are.

Hammers are the awards of this year's SIC awards.


I feel there might be slightly less people attending than last year but it is just about the right size. Some conferences, e.g. SXSW, become too big, too crowded.

I didn't come to the whole event, only went for the two afternoon. Some sessions I went were pretty impressive.

Molly moon is a nice ice cream shop (now a chain) in Seattle area. Their ice cream are very nice! If you never try it you should definitely experience it!


There was a session by its founder Ms. Molly Moon Neitzel. It's a surprise that the founder's actual name is "Molly moon", she uses her own name as brand name.


I enjoyed Ms. Molly Moon's session, she was speaking frankly, no jargons, no makeups, just like their ice cream. The story behind their brand, ice cream and her social media strategy were fun to listen.

Realtime Story Telling by Dustin Callif was an eye opening talk. Realtime storytelling allows audience to participate in the making of a story or advertising.


One project he talked about was "Remote Control tourist ". It's an Internet TV show to allow people from social media to remote control a person with realtime streaming device to experience Melbourne city in Australia.


"First love" was the other one he mentioned, a team of engineers built up an old race car with the participation from social media.


Amplifying Social UX by Scott Meldrum was another impressive overview of how brands creatively used social media to marketing.


His talk gave tons of examples. The most impressive ones are Lowe's Vine campaign to use 6 seconds video for life hacker knowledges, and Fiat's funny Twitter campaign to create a Twitter account that no one can follow.

The other impressive talks I listened mention an iOS app to smartly use iPhone's magnetic sensor to measure home electric usage.


Overall SIC is a great conference, with great speakers, interesting sessions and most importantly, in my opinion, the right size.

I would totally recommend my friends to participate this conference next year!