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We Are Here To Stay

We will continuously provide you the best mobile storytelling app and sharing platform.

avatar Robert Mao
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It's a sad day for mobile storytelling. StoreHouse, one of our respected competitors announced they will shutdown within one month.

The road wasn't easy for anyone in this space in the past few two years:

When we started two years ago, at the time StoreHouse had their iPad version released a couple months before us, we are among the first few mobile visual storytelling apps, our "snowfall" style story format captured many authors and readers' attention.

Shortly after, everyone jumped into this direction, include those bigger players. Google stories, Microsoft Sway, Adobe Slate... Medium added a lot of media support, Facebook also adopted some similar feature in their posts and albums.


While Storehouse decided to shutdown, we will be here to stay and provide you the best mobile storytelling experience. We have worked on a major update for a couple of month and now it's time to get it ready to hit the AppStore.