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A quick demo of poshlight

Create light effect with Poshlight app in 1 minute.

avatar Robert Mao
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This a quick guide and demo for Poshlight app, a multi layers photo blender app with many cool features.

Tap the center menu to select the photo you want to process.

Let's apply some filter first. Tap on the filter button you can see all filters options and see the live preview on the toolbar.

Looks better already? Let's try to add the vignette effect for it. It's just as simple as select the effect button and you can adjust the strength.

Select the effect menu and select from hundreds of effects. The effect strength, blend mode etc can be adjust easily.

When you are done, you can quickly share with friends or share to social networks.

This is the compare of the original and processed images:

There are unlimited creativity you can apply to your photo with Poshlight app, this demo is just a quick guide.