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Cafes And Journals

"This story is about what kept me writing in a journal for thirty years?"

avatar Michael Pokocky
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I was sitting in a cafe once and someone said, "What are you writing?"

"Oh, stuff," I said.

"Can I see?"

This is the fascination people have when you're doing something you love.

I have spent my time writing in cafes and captured those moments over the years.

Cafes and writing in a journal seem to be a perfect match for me. All the people, places and things I discovered along the way are somewhere within the pages of one of 76 journals I've written.

Here's some photos to enjoy.

If you want to know more ask me how to do it yourself.


Hope you enjoyed the photos.


Don't forget to keep it up every day because eventually magic happens.



And don't forget to get out in nature or walk to your favourite cafe.