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Eightly seems to be a very cool new content publishing app.

avatar Robert Mao
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As eightly said in it's homepage (under stealth mode): "Create something amazing. Enjoy it anywhere, instantly. Eightly is happening. A completely new way to manage and enjoy your social lifestyle. Before long, you'll be hearing about it left and right. But you don't have to wait until then."

Channel creation experience. The card based UX is pretty cool and awesome:


Looks like they use card as a building block to visually describe a channel's pages. Though it looks very cool, the animation during the creation process is very nice, I think it will still be very tough for non-technical users. (However professional users may feel this is not flexible enough compare to code or scripts) Here are some building blocks:


Looks like it get published to be a web page. So user can consume it from browser (and ofcoz their app).


A bit over-complex for normal users, so they have this simple channel template. E.g. Quickly create a channel based on photos.

They specifically high lighted it can be consumed on TV screen:


Some of their demo channel screenshots:


Looks like a very interesting new player!