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Sea Fair 2014

Our Sat. during Sea Fair weekend.

avatar Robert Mao
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I got some advice that it's possible to purchase parking pass in Sea Fair main venue - Genesee Park. So I purchased a parking pass and go on Sat. We all thought it was a free event we just need a place to park and then we would be good.

Turned out the event is NOT free during weekend (it was free on Fri). And the ticketing queue is terribly long for tickets!


I thought the parking pass I purchased is also the pass to the event... It looks identical but the gate scanner just can't read it.... So they let me in but stopped my family and friends since we only have "one" ticket!

The whole park and the roads of waterfront was closed, only people have tickets can get in... And it's so crowded.


Blue angels show... You might see nothing from those photos taken with iPhone. Those tiny black dots are FA-18 jets... :)


Very crowded. There are some other exhibitions however since I am the only one get in the park, I took a few photos and left.

Even though we didn't get in the park we had a picnic outside and then go Seaward Park. It was still a nice day!