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5 Tips To Perfect Your Levitation Photos

5 simple tips to make your levitation photos awesome with the levitagram app.

avatar Robert Mao
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Levitagram is simple yet powerful, it has built-in image processing algorithm to align your two shots automatically in 3D space, this allows you to shot great levitation photos without a tripod. Practically, it works fairly well by just hand holding your iPhone to take two shots. Here are 5 simple tips to make your levitation photos awesome with the levitagram app:


5. Shoot from a lower camera position

This is a simple rule but quite easy to get ignored! Simply lower your camera position, it will make your subject "fly" higher in the air. But be careful and don't let the supporting object block your subject, if so after you remove supporting object, your subject will look like part of the body is missing!


4. Wearing loose clothes help you get better result

As you can see, loose clothes can hide the supporting objects better, and more over, removing part of those loose clothes still feel realistic. That's actually why you see in many of those levitation photos the floating lady are in skirts or with those kind of clothes.

3. Plan ahead for your shooting

See the above example(taken from Internet) how the author plan the levitation shots. You will need a little planning to get great results. Try to get inspiration from others photo and use your creativity to plan the shots.


2. Background matters

The biggest problem in levitation photography is your two shots doesn't align correctly. Levitagram try to align the photo in 3D space by "looking" for identical background objects. To help it correctly find the identical objects you'd find some background setting to make it easier. Avoid "blank" backgrounds, e.g. Blank wall, bush, crowds.


1. Practice, practice and practice!

Yes, practice helps a lot. Simply start from some objects on your desk, it only take a few minutes, and then try something else. Of course, like any other photography, light matters, so make sure you shot the picture in a good light environment that works for your iPhone.

Water bottle is a good object for practicing, it is transparent, so wipe out a little edge doesn't make it look too bad.