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Solo Travel Diaries

Seattle n Portland

avatar Maya Raghunandan
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Mount Rainier, as seen from the flight


At the cornerstone of my grad school Elixir. The first Starbucks!

The very famous pike place fish market. The fishermen sing to each other and kinda play catch with their fish


Space needle! Primarily, this is important because of Grey's Anatomy and Frasier. The downtown view from top was pretty cool. Although, I am not very impressed overall.

Multiple points during the hike up Mt.Rainier. An impromptu hike, with new friends. 7 mile round trip. So totally worth it! If we had not taken "the path less chosen", we should have been at the Emmons glacier. Meh!

Scenic ride aboard the Coast starlight train. Totally recommend this. Their observation deck is pretty cool. Unfortunately, I realized that only close to the end of my ride

Just walking by the waterfront.. Alongside some migrating Canadian geese.. No biggie!

Voodoo doughnuts.. It's a must eat at Portland they say......


Powell's book store! A full block sized and 4 floors high.. So so so many books! I could move here just to have this all!


I asked for a table for one.. They probably didn't think I will eat worth two people's order anyway..


On my wonderful bike tour in Portland downtown. Now I can say that I have biked on the longest floating bike path in the US

That sign, you know!


Beautiful fall foliage from the Elm trees at Portland state U.


Spent a good part of my afternoon hanging out at the pioneer square.. Soaked in the sun while it lasts


And then back to Seattle, to catch my red eye to MSP. 😒😒😴😴

Until next trip!