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Review Your Own Apps Like A Pro!

Why Waiting For Others Review Your App? Do It Yourself With AppStory Like A Pro!

avatar Robert Mao
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After spending countless hours on developing your amazing app, the next big to-do is all about letting the world know how amazing it is!

App reviews are extremely important for app success, a recent research by TUNE on 2014 US iOS users study shows it is the #3 most important reason for users to download an app. (#1 is featured by App Store, #2 is recommended by friends)

Why waiting for others review your apps? Do It Yourself With AppStory and you can get professional high quality app reviews!

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AppStory - Find and share cool apps


Simply download the free AppStory app and you can write stories about your app. Just take a few screenshots and add a few text description you can start from there!

AppStory allow you add photos, videos, and many other elements in the story, all from your mobile phone!