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Life Map

A learning notes for Acumen's "storytelling for change" online course.

avatar Robert Mao
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This is a learning notes for Acumen's "storytelling for change" online course:

Life map

A life map is often described as a map to help you understanding where you are,where you want to be next. It could be geographically, socially, academically, professionally, emotionally, ....

A life map tells about the major landmark events in your life from different aspect.

A life map can be represented in many different forms:

  • Timeline


  • Geographic map

Where and when you have been.


  • Collection of photos, videos or combined


"My life map" (book)

There is a book "my life map", it's a fill in blank templates to help reader reflect on their past, evaluate the present, and dream for future.


Online life maps

Life map could be an interesting concept not only for individual but also socially shareable among friends and families.

Facebook's time time feature is a sort of timeline life map. Once popular "where I have been" app is a geographic based life map.

There are also a few life map apps in the App Store, but none of them seem to be popular.

Life map for storytelling

I believe this online course suggest students draw their own life map as first assignment has some in depth thinking: with a life map, it's easier to tell your life stories, it may also easier to let others know you better.

This is a great free online course, you can get it here: