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Create Frozen City Effect With Facecraft

A step by step guide to create frozen city effect.

avatar Robert Mao
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This is a guide for the Facecraft iOS app:


Original photo and the result photo side by side:

Here is a step by step guide to create this effect.

  • Open Facecraft app, tap on the images button on the bottom to load photos.

As you can see, you have several options to load photos from.

  • We picked a Seattle wheel photo and a frozen lake photo. I used Google image search to find the frozen lake.


  • Tap the magic wand button to begin the magic!


On the top toolbar, you can control your current tool:

  • front : pinch to move or zoom the front image (the image superimposed on the top)

  • back: pinch to zoom in and out, so you can work on details

  • brush: paint with the front image

  • eraser: erase with the front image, so background image with show up

Use the brush tool to replace the water surface with the frozen lake, and we quickly get this cool photos showing Seattle wheel on the frozen water front!


Isn't it easy and fun?! Try a few photos and you might find some more cool effects.

Here are more cool similar frozen effect samples: