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Failed Unboxing Experience:Nest Protect Sucks

Nest Protect is a good looking product but the setup experience sucks... It's a epic FAIL after hours try. Returned it, don't buy!

avatar Robert Mao
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I was pretty excited to order my Nest Protect, it arrived fast from Amazon.


Nest Protect is well packed, just like any of those today's modern smart home products. It's important to have sleek design, even for the package box.

Now it's time to set it up. The Nest app in AppStore is a well designed app too.

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Nest - Your home in your hand

As the setup procedure suggest, pull the strip to power on the Nest. The voice prompts for a test, so far so good. One small issue is, it ask me to press the "button" however I can't see any button... Later I learned that the center round part is actually a physical button.


I liked the way to setup by scan the QR code. It's simple and easy isn't it?

(A side story, I had this scan QR code to setup device idea in 2008, and contributed as a patent idea for Microsoft. It was original according to the patent lawyer, however it was eliminated during the internal review process.)

So far so good...

Until it seemed not able to find the device and ask me to manually connect to the Nest's setup wifi network:

I constantly get either P005 or P009 error... I have no idea what they mean... And google it doesn't help.

Looks like I am not alone, quite a few people have the problem connecting their Nest devices. One clue is Nest doesn't play well with 5Ghz wireless, it only works with 2.4G. It's trouble shooting said so, but claim it won't work with 5G only wireless.

I am using Apple Airport, it was setup as 2.4G/5G automatic, someone said it won't work well for nest... You need to switch to a dedicated 2.4G for it.... OMG, is Nest from Stone Age???

After changing the wifi setting it seemed like it's improving, it even allow me to set up the path light feature...

However, that's all I got, some weird P009 error again! Fail!

I gave it a number of try... Still fail all the time!


There were some bad stories about Nest and drop cam, I heard friends in my Facebook dumping Nests... Now I just spending $99 and hours time to prove it sucks.

Will return it, thanks Amazon!

[Updates] I want to give it another try before I return it, still get P009(0.80) error. By searching Internet it appears that Nest need the ISP support IPv6 since my ISP only have IPv4 support for now, it might be the reason why it won't work. It totally does not make any sense why it need IPv6 network... I suppose it was caused by a flaw in their design. Given the exposed company problem of Nest, I guess it won't be fix soon, I'll return it.