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Need Garage Sales? 5miles App Let You Buy And Sell From Mobile Phone

A new mobile app to let you easily list stuff you no long want for sell and shopping from others .

avatar Robert Mao
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5miles is a new mobile app to let you sell or buy second hand goods directly from your phone.

There are other apps in this category in the last couple years, none of them really made a huge splash yet, several of them made regional awareness. Besides all those mobile startups, the Craigslist monster still dominates, everyone have to face it.


5miles is a startup from China with an ambitious goal to take over the world's 2nd hand buy and sell with mobile phone. I know the founder Mr. Liang Lu in person, he has lived in US for years and then head back to China and involved in several successful startups (two of them IPOed), 5miles is his latest one, his experience and capabilities makes 5miles very competitive in this space even though it's a very tough market.

The listing part has some unique features, you can add multiple photos to describe your items, and you can even add a voice record to it, this add more personal touch and will be helpful to build the trust.

The other great design of 5 miles app is its built in instant messaging, you can chat with sellers or buyers in the app and it provides handy price offering interface for you to negotiate the deal.

The app is really well designed with excellent user experience, however since it is just launched, it takes some time to see if it take off. But right now it's definitely a great timing for those who want to be a superstar in a new platform before everyone else find out such a nice app like this.