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Our getaway to paradise... (continued)

avatar Bola Onayemi
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This is the second part of our photo album. To see the first part, please click this link, thanks

Our cousin Dave invited Eureka, Aunt Rosey and I to vacation with him and his little daughter (aka angel), Judith, for several days in St. Elizabeth, Jamaica...


This album continues our amazing tale 😊

The next road trip we took led us back up the mountain to a gorgeous lookout called Lover's Leap. Along the way we got to see a more lush vegetation, and even saw a row of windmills on the top of a mountain generating energy to supply power to the surrounding communities.


The story of Lovers Leap goes back to times of slavery on the Island. There are many versions but this park tells the tale of two African slaves who fell in love against their masters wish, and fled their respective plantations to be with each other. Their master chased them to the peak of the mountain, and the lovers chose to leap off the mountain and die as one, rather than endure slavery apart from each other.


The peak is very high up, and feels like a peaceful slice of paradise when the winds die down. There is also a lounge at the top level that serves snacks and various refreshments... I recommend the Pineapple Ginger juice beverage 👍🏽✌🏿👌🏼


Speaking of beverages, our next adventurous outing was a part road trip, part boat ride... to grab a drink at The Pelican Bar... a bar built out of wood and surrounded by crystal blue ocean, next to a submerged patch of land frequently visited by Pelicans, and so far away from the shore the only way to reach the bar was get into a boat and cruise to its entrance...

We left Friday morning from Treasure Beach to the Black River township, where boats could take us out to the Pelican Bar. The weather was stunning, and the water was a perfect shade of turquoise blue.

The Pelican Bar is ALL wood. It's deep into the ocean yet built on ocean water shallow enough for guests to safely swim or walk around in it (and count all the crabs hiding under the bar.) I ended up grabbing a ginger beer mixed with light rum... a great beverage for any pirate worth his salt 😇 🦀🍹

All in all, it was a breathtaking, vividly gorgeous, swashbuckling afternoon out to sea...

The entire vacation was just as enjoyable staying in as it was going out. We took walks around the Treasure Beach area, checked out the shops and various restaurants, tried to explain that mannequins weren't real people to Judith, and simply enjoyed the gorgeous weather, delicious food, and all the other treasures Jamaica had to offer.

The end. 😇

Thanks for stopping by!! 🚢⛰⛺️😎