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Adobe Slate: An App Inspired By Pixotale

There are many similarities between Adobe's latest visual storytelling app Slate and our app. It seems they found inspiration from Pixotale. I am flattered to see quite a few design details from Pixotale get replicated in Adobe Slate.

avatar Robert Mao
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Adobe just released a new visual storytelling app last week named "Slate". We are surprised there are so many similarities between their design, and ours.

Adobe is a big player, their move into this space is a yet another marketing validation rather than a competition. I always think that the term 'competitors' means they are in a similar scale, and in this case we are definitely not. It might mean they thought Pixotale was the best in the class, otherwise how could they have reimplemented so many similar design details?

Here is a few screenshots side by side:

  • Start the story with the cover page design.

  • Tap a button to add different type of sections.

  • The text section handling in Pixotale is unique, now Adobe Slate has almost the exact same design for the text section handling.

  • Tap on a section and show a toolbar to edit, and the up/down move button to quickly move sections around.

  • Automatic balanced photo collage, same design only Pixotale is better and easier to use.

There are several other visual storytelling apps in the market. e.g. Storehouse, Steller, both has great and unique designs. Adobe chose to learn those detail from Pixotale instead of from others, which means they might think we are the best in design, I am truly flattered.

Here is our product Pixotale:

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Pixotale - Visual Storytelling

And here is Adobe Slate:

Feel free to try both and experience yourself to see how similar they are, especially the authoring experience.

We are working hard on the next major 2.0 release, and look out, Adobe Slate, there are a lot more to get inspired from!