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My First AirBNB And Hacker Home Experience

What is it look like when AirBNB meet Hackerhome in the Silicon Valley?

avatar Robert Mao
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If you never experienced something new yourself you can never judge what it is like.

As a very "hotel picky" person for many years, I never try Airbnb myself. One of the "hotel guy" I knew told me horrible stories about AirBNB experience in his Paris trip and scared me off from my attempt last year.


However, thanks to my friend @huoju, a big fan of AirBNB, he encouraged me to give it a try with a place with good reviews and unique culture, he said airbnb is not about cheap vs expensive, it's about a complete different experience of staying, if you don't experience it yourself you will never know.

That's why I decided to stay in this airbnb hacker home - "Startup crashpad".

I got a warm welcome from the hosts, Gary and Sanita even it was a pretty late arrival at around 9pm.

We had a great chat about my startup, drink a few beers, and use our Levitagram app to shoot some levitation photos for Hary and Sanita. Gary got some great idea on 3d printing masks and shared with me.

The house is a great co working space, this is my first impression. It's very quite and the wifi speed is fast.

This is the shared working space looks like:

The house installed an August Smart Lock, so the mobile phone is the key. Very easy to use and user friendly. This is a big plus for geek guests like me.


The living room is a cozy social area, feel like home.

The kitchen is right beside, and there are some free food donated by previous guests:

The bed room - they put up four bunker beds in one room, so this house can live up to 10 people. The bed room is probably the least "luxury" part of this luxury multi-millions dollars home at the heart of Palo Alto. But the bed was clean and cozy, I slept very well at night.


A hacker house is not a hacker house without any hackers stay in. Luckily we had a hacker roommate from Vancouver. He is working on VR related projects built with Microsoft Kinect, Oclus VR, and leap motion.

Trying out the amazing VR demo from my roommate at midnight:


This is where the Hackerhome located. It's a corner house of North California Avenue and Bryant Street.

Notably, Steve Job's Palo Alto house (2101 Waverley Street) is only one block away.

After my room mates knew this, we decided to pay a visit even it was already 1am in the midnight. This is the famous apple tree in their house.


It's interesting, at midnight, three random folks from three different countries stood in front of Steve Jobs' house and chatted about Apple and Microsoft, startup and design.

The largest storm his California during my first night stay. The huge rain made me canceled my dinner in SF and stay in the house.

Pretty little things around the house:


Outside looking and neighborhood of the house:

I got a hot chocolate treat from my Korean roommate in the cold stormy night, it's feel so warm, it's definitely not like the stay in a hotel, it's like the stay in a friend's house.

The morning on my checkout, I found a happy birthday note on the desk, I guess it's from John, a roommate I had a great chat the night before:


I finished my first airbnb stay on my birthday and I indeed had a wonderful experience.