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How To Use Pixotale's Photo Editor

A quick guide for Pixotale's built-in photo editor.

avatar Robert Mao
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In Pixotale 1.5 we built a simple but powerful photo editor to let you easily manipulate the photos in the story.


Let's use this photo I took with iPhone today morning as an example.


Tap to select the photo, you will see the toolbar appear (left screenshot below), there is an edit button on the toolbar. Tap on edit button, the photo editor shows up (right screenshot).

You have several options from the toolbar: Adjustments, filters, crop.

Let's start with cropping the photo to a square one. The following screenshots show how we cropped the photo into square:

Let's then apply some filters! Select the filters button you can see all filters each with live preview results, tap each filter button it will apply that filter in the preview area, you can tap different buttons until you find a right one.

After applying the filter how about making some slight adjustments?!

This photo will look great if it could be sharper. Let's give it a try!

There are several options under the adjustments, let's select the sharpness to make photo a bit sharper:

Then I selected vignette tool to add some vignette effect. After finish simply tap "done" to go back to story editing mode and you will see the new edited photo there!

At any when photo editor is open, you can tap "cancel" to go back to story editing mode and the photo won't be changed.

Here is the final result:


Here is another result with different filters and adjustments. I put it side by side with the original photo. (Left: original, right: edited version)

What if you want the original photo after the editing? In current version you just delete the edited photo and add original photo again. Isn't it simple?!