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Pasty The Owl

A story of an unwanted figurine

avatar Robert Vastine
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A couple of years ago gifts were exchanged among friends at an annual Christmas gathering. It was a little game called "steal the present" where you open a gift selected from a pile, and make a decision to either keep it or swap it with someone else at the party. The result is that often people end up with a gift in the end that may be less than desirable. This was the case with "Pasty" the owl.

The recipient of this wonderful little figurine (a couple of dear friends of mine) nearly forgot it as they were leaving the party, so I had to rush out the door and deliver it to them just as they were pulling out of the driveway. They seemed so grateful...which was strange because the next morning I discovered Pasty sitting on a fence post at our driveway entrance.

Since my dear friends live a short distance away it was easy for me to deliver it to them. I may or may not have been aware of the fact that they would not be home. Wink, wink.


As it turns out, no one was home...darn! I guess I'll have to find a place to display this ceramic beauty on my own. Where else but in the garden along with all of the others? Seemed logical to me.

However, I guess the new owners felt unworthy of this wonderful gift because a few weeks later I discovered it in the pocket of one my jackets hanging near our front door. This was shortly after a visit from my dear friend, who came over to watch football at our house. No worries, I would be watching the game at his house the next week. Perhaps his wife was worried that Pasty wouldn't last outside in the weather. So I needed to find an indoor spot to protect him.


Ah! Much better up here on this shelf. Way up high so that nothing could happen to him. And nothing did happen to him for almost a year! But then my daughter dutifully pointed out his secret hiding place at a recent dinner gathering. Eight year olds and their big mouths! So sure enough a few weeks later Pasty turns up again at my house. Shocking! And immediately it was returned to its rightful owner. This could go on forever. Until...


Uh oh, what's this stashed in my woodpile?


Oh the humanity! I don't think this was an accident. Who would do such a thing?


Luckily, I had some spare time to put Humpty Dumpty back together again. Just a little glue and he's good as new!


And once again Pasty is back where he belongs. Doing what owls do best, mastering the art of camouflage amongst this lovely quartz rock pile.

Stay tuned...his ungrateful owners return home from vacation tomorrow.