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What's New In Pixotale 1.2 Update

We just have a new 1.2 update in App Store. This update improved performance and details.

avatar Robert Mao
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We just have a new 1.2 update in App Store. This update fixed several bugs, improved performance and many little details. I would like to highlight a few here:

1. Performance improvement

No more ugly and annoying flickering when you swipe through stories. Everything is faster...

If you are using iPhone 5s you may not feel the difference. By the way, I always use an old iPhone 4 to make sure I can feel the pain of any performance problems.


2. Collections

We plan to roll out collection features in several phases and this update is the first one.

You can see a number of public collections curated by us and a few invited members. In this version everyone subscribes to all public collections, in the future updates you will be able to customize them based on your interests.


For this update only a few invited members can moderate collections, if you want to get involved, please let us know.

3. Comments moderation

You can delete your own comments and delete any comments on your story.


Simply swipe to the left on any comment you want to delete the delete button will show up. If you are not allowed to delete the one, swiping won't bring up the delete button.

4. Polling

Finally we added something new!

You will find it when you try to add an section in a story, simply add your poll question, options, we do the rest.


Here is an example of the quick poll inside the story. (If you can't see the polling box below then you need to go App Store and update Pixotale!)

Tell us what you like and dislike, we are improving Pixotale based on your feedback.

If you find any problem, or have and suggestion, feedback, feature request, please feel free to contact us or just leave a comment, we are always here to listen.