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Google Classroom

Demo of Google classroom product in SXSW Edu 2016

avatar Robert Mao
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Google created a offsite demo space for Goohke education products during SXSW Edu:

Here is the Goggle Classroom demo:

Home screen of a student, show all enrolled classes and classes to be enrolled.

To add new class, use a short code(give by the teacher).


First screen of a class, a stream of feeds:


Create a new post, the post can attach documents from Google drive etc.

For teacher, you can choose from: assignment, announcement or question.


The post has a status and deadline property, so it can show as "late" or "done". Looks like be able to have simple status and deadline for post items is pretty useful for classroom settings. I see similar design in Piazza.


Classmates tab is just a list of users, users can message to each other(with gmail alike UI, not messaging)

The about page for class, list teachers, links to the shared Google drive, calendar links, and whatever information teachers place there:


This class has more information: a video link and syllabus (uploaded pdf file)


Finally, there is an aggregated page "works" it aggregate all todo items from classes enrolled. So students can have an overview for all classes.


Overall, it's a simple product, not very impressive.

Google said there are millions students (mostly in US) using it but didn't state which schools are using it. Google classroom product can only applied from school or government organization.