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Storytelling Tips From Sarah Kay

"10 things I know to be true"

avatar Robert Mao
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Thanks for my friend Aether's recommendation for this great TED talk "If I should have a daughter" by Sarah Kay.

In her TED talk (at around 9m 20s), Sarah shared a great tips for practicing storytelling skills - make a list. She said the first assignment she gave was:

"10 things I know to be true"

Everyone can write lists. And the first list that I assign is "10 Things I Know to be True." And here's what happens, and here's what you would discover too if we all started sharing our lists out loud. At a certain point, you would realize that someone has the exact same thing, or one thing very similar, to something on your list. And then someone else has something the complete opposite of yours. Third, someone has something you've never even heard of before. And fourth, someone has something you thought you knew everything about, but they're introducing a new angle of looking at it. And I tell people that this is where great stories start from -- these four intersections of what you're passionate about and what others might be invested in.