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Coleman 10x Weather master Tent

Unboxing a new Coleman 10-person weather master tent from Costco.

avatar Robert Mao
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We bought a new Coleman 10 person tent from Costco for our independent day weekend camping.


Unboxing begin...

Looks not hard to setup.


Problem! There is no tent stake in the package, that's not what I expected.


Luckily we come for a group camping and bought from others. Otherwise this could be a problem.

It takes around 30 minutes or more to set it up, not too bad.

Inside view. The door is very convenience.


Inside space is big enough, everyone gets enough space.

It's tall enough, and the door design makes entry/exit very easy.


Overall we liked this tent, it's big, tall, easy to setup. The only problem is it doesn't include tent stakes in the package.

The tent require a bigger space, so it may not fit a small camp site.