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Hacking The Airport Restrictions For Uber X Ride In SEATAC

How to ride a UberX in Seattle Tacoma International Airport

avatar Robert Mao
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Before you read on, make sure you can handle your luggage for a 5-10 min walking distance.

Most of US airports don't allow UberX to pickup in the airport, include my home port - SEA.

When I come back from SFO today , after a whole week depending on Uber for transportation, I can't wait to see how long I need to wait for a Uber to pick me.

I found there isn't an UberX option at all! You can use Uber Black for 70% more expensive though.


However once I move the pickup location just a little bit out the airport road, UberX options is there!


Thanks for Google map, it quickly shows me a short path to the Pacific Highway South, and that pick up location will work for UberX.


It's not very clear from the Google map how to walk there and if the path is in good condition and safe. After asked an airport agent, she told me it's the route to Light Rail Station, and there is an elevator from the station to the road.

The path way to light rail station is pretty well, easy for luggage with wheels. It's within airport, so I suppose it's safe to walk even at night.

After arriving the station, it's easy to find the sky bridge and elevator to the road.

Here we go! With just a few minutes walk, I can reach the bus stop on the street side and Uber app show me I only need to wait for 3 min to get picked up!

On my way back on an UberX car!


This isn't exactly a hack but a way to save you a few $$$ if you don't mind to walk for a few extra minutes.