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What's New In Pixotale 1.7

This update focus on internationalization and user experience improvements.

avatar Robert Mao
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(2/9) Updated: This update is now available in App Store. Please update now!

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Pixotale - Visual Storytelling

Native support for iPhone 6

From update 1.7 we now support native resolution for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus. You will enjoy the full benefit of the larger screen resolution in Pixotale!


Improved Story Format

We added section headers, quotes and more text styles. Those small changes make your stories looks better and easier to read, and we still keep it super simple to author from the phone!

If you are using the latest version you should already see this story in different text styles, if you can't see this story like the below screenshot, go App Store and download the latest update!


Cover photo editing

You can now edit the cover photo just like any other photos in the story. This is a tiny fix but we are sure it will make a big difference for the quality of stories.


Supporting Chinese language

From this update we also begin our internationalization and localization support! The first new languages supported are Chinese, we will support Japanese, Spanish and more language soon!

Supporting Weibo and WeChat

For Chinese users, we now support Weibo and WeChat natively, you can sign in with them and share to Weibo or Wechat is easier than ever!

More than 20 UX improvements

This update also includes many small user experience details. In total we have more than 20 small UX improvements here and there. We wish those small improvements makes your experience better.

Retired features

We also retired a few features from previous version. We retired them either because it was something no one use or there's a better solution.


We removed the support for Creative Cloud, it's a useful feature for professional users however we rarely see anyone in our community use it since we released this feature. Considering it adds about a big download size we decided to remove it from this update. If you think you really love this feature and want it back, let us know:

We also retired Buffer support because Buffer now have excellent iOS 8 support and you can re-enable it by simply select it in the share-sheet. Of course you will need to have Buffer App installed.