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My 2015's New Year Resolution

Unbelievable 2014 pass so fast and it's already 2015. Many items in the 2014 resolution are not yet done... 😓 but let's still make a 2015 list!

avatar Robert Mao
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One of the big thing in 2014's list is take my startup off the ground. We decided to aim for a moonshot last year, we want to build something new, innovative and potential be huge, that's how we created Pixotale. We launched Pixotale, get people really excited about it, get featured by Apple, get covered by major news media, ... However we didn't really take off yet, I'll put this as one big item in my 2015 list.


Another missed goal is the work out and fitness goal. I was plan to try a half marathon in 2014, unfortunately I didn't feel even close to ready yet. And my fitness and workout goal definitely missed due to several reasons, I'll keep this in my 2015 list.


Sail? Totally missed the boat. I was too busy, too much things were going on since summer, I didn't go any sail this year. I think this can be hold. Even it is a missed goal for 2014, I'll still cross it out for 2015.

Maybe sail won't need to be a goal at all, it's just a little hobby and dream.


Travel with family, that's a goal archived! Though we didn't go too many places and too far, we had great family time and memories. Travel with family to different places is always a goal in my New Years resolution for every year. We will adjust the time and places to go, but this will always happen every year!


In summary here is my 2015's resolution:

  • travel with family to new places

  • stay fit by running and continue p90x exercises, try to run a half marathon

  • take Pixotale to the next level, take my startup off ground