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PhotosPro: Beautiful Photos App For iOS

Tired looking on square photos from your iOS photo app? Use PhotosPro instead!

avatar Robert Mao
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PhotosPro is a better photos app for you to browse photos in your iPhone of iPad.


iOS' photo app get a lot of improvement since iOS 7 and 8, however it still only show the square thumbnails:

PhotosPro can show your iOS photos in a beautiful masonry style, compare the left and right screenshots:

There are many other cool nice features in PhotosPro app, it's easy to switch between photo albums or quick jump to certain date by simply select from a drop down calendar menu:

The map view is very useful to see your photo location or find photo from places.

You can search a place and the map will zoom to the place and quickly find your photo from that place:

On the photo detail view page, you can quickly see the meta information of the photo, such as location, resolution, size and the date. Tap on the meta information you will see more detailed information.

PhotosPro is a simple, beautiful photos app to let you view your iOS photos differently, highly recommended!