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Share Your Hackathon Stories And Win!

Share your stories about AT&T hackathon and win Starbucks cards.

avatar Robert Mao
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Win a Starbucks Gift Card by sharing your stories with Pixotale during AT&T Developer Conference and Hackathon!


  • Download Pixotale App in iOS App Store. It's FREE!

  • Snap a few photos or videos about the event, then load them into Pixotale to create stories.

  • Once you have the story published you can share them. Pixotale supports all major social networks, messengers or email.

  • We will add your story to the event collection (, so everyone else will be able see it as well.

We will also write a few stories about the event, but those stories will only be presented as demo stories and not participate in the competition.


Basic requirements

  • The story must be relevant to AT&T Developer Summit.

  • The story must be original, and you must have the right to use all photos or videos in the story.

  • The story should not contain any offensive or adult content.


The winners

The rules are simple: whoever gets the most likes will win! We will have 10 winners, each winner will get a Starbucks gift card ($20)

Feel free to share to your social networks and encourage your friends to vote for you!

Note that only the stories that are added to the event collection are eligible to win. So if your story is not added please let us know!

We reserve our rights to make sole decision on which stories to be included or not.

Winners will be announced on Jan 6th.