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Lunch @Starbucks

Starbucks is our cafeteria. 😀

avatar Robert Mao
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One great thing about Pixotale office is, it's located in a place close to several shopping plaza in overlake area. There are two Starbucks in walking distance! Well, we always have a lot of Starbucks around, that's Seattle!

I am lazy enough to almost exclusively use the Starbucks app for ordering... So I can order on my way and when I step in the store my coffee and food will be ready to pick up!

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Starbucks app is so easy and user friendly, by far I think it's the best retail store apps. Maybe in the future every store will have an app, or hosted by some other service, like Starbucks, but today this might be the only app you can experience the future retail mobile experience.


Just refreshed one of my ideas to aggregate stories with places, brands or topics together would be an interesting way to discover stories and make Pixotale more fun to play, and also potential business opportunities. We should surely do this in the coming updates.