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Hiking In Redmond Watershed Preserve

A great hiking place in Redmond.

avatar Robert Mao
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Redmond Watershed Preserve is a nice large nature preserve near Redmond. Since it was a rare sunny Sunday we decided go hiking there.

The entrance is on the NE Novelty Hill Road, there is a parking lot there with nice meadow, dinning tables(good for picnic in good weather), restrooms. The best of all, it's a city park so all free, don't even need Discovery Pass.


The trail map:


The pond on the right side of the entrance looks very beautiful, like a mirror.


(This image is from Flickr)

There is a observe deck beside the pond, to get there you need to walk a short but beautiful trail on the right side of the parking lot.


The pond view from the deck:


The deck:

The entrance to the main trail is located at the end of parking lots.

It's so beautiful on the trail! Breathless views are everywhere.

Tiny creek and bridge.

Huge leafs, bigger than face.


Simply beautiful.

A lot of mushrooms, I wrote another story just for the mushrooms.

We on the trail:


This is the track we hiked, total distance is 4.6 miles, we spent a little more than 2 hours on the trail.