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Beautiful B&W

Black and white are beautiful.

avatar Robert Mao
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All photos from Unsplash stock photos site.

Love Poetry: Black & White World

by Lisa Jane Mills (England)


'Why should I change?

Rearrange myself

Just to please others.

I want to be free,

Be me and


Instead of being suffocated

By the weight of life

Upon my shoulders.

I stand and stare

At people unaware,

Who I watch and contemplate

The love, the hate

They carry inside them.



A subject

I will never understand,

It gives, to take

And so will break

Your spirit, your soul

Yet I cannot let go,

Of the heartache, the pain

Holding the blame

Like a trophy,

That rusts in the rain.

I sit here amidst the silence

A friend who knows my fears,

And through the years

He has never spoken,

The spell never broken

Of wanting to hear

A warm kind voice,

Given that choice

To be loved.

Yet left out in the cold,

Time grows old

And so do I.



An unwanted state

I find myself in,

Being beaten down

Where no one around

Will listen or see,

Don’t tell me.

Hate is the Devil

Upon my back,

Makes me attack

To defend myself

For being weak,

For the words I speak.

It twists my tongue

Everything’s wrong

In the eyes of Love,

Because love is blind

And more unkind

Than hate could ever be.

It abandoned me

With all this love

Unused and wasted

So overrated

Are the words

I love you

When they are said

From one heart alone

So cuts to the bone.


But loves upper hand

Takes control every time

And what was mine,

Was never mine

At all.

White is love

Black is hate,

Black and white

A negative state,

But like the Devil

I see red

When I lay my head

To sleep at night

In my black and white world.'