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2016, Here We Are

New Year Resolutions for Pixotale in 2016

avatar Robert Mao
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2015 just passed and it's now 2016. It was a tough year for Pixotale: we only released one update and the long planned Pixotale 2.0 is still on its way.


2015 isn't a big year for mobile storytelling apps, the competition landscape has changed. When we began the work on the idea of Pixotale about 2 years ago, there isn't that much visual storytelling mobile apps in the store.

Today, you might still not able to find that much apps for visual stories, but sites or apps like Facebook, medium, tumblr now become better and support visual stories pretty well.


We decided to re-build Pixotale 2.0 from ground up to face the competition last year, now it's close to the time we can launch it. 2016 will be the year we relaunch Pixotale.

What's new ?

We created a lot of new stuff for Pixotale 2. This article is not a press release, it's a new year resolution. 😊 so some of the features I mentioned might come out later this year.


Collaborative Storytelling

Collaborative is the biggest thing we try to bring in for the new version.

You will be able to create, share stories with others much easier, and you will be able to work on the same piece of story or certain topics easily and naturally.

Collections and groups

We find you like to use Pixotale as groups, for friends and families, in team or in a classroom, so we we will make it way much better in supporting team and groups.

We will improve the the collection features and allow everyone can create their collections, and more over, you can have shared collection among groups.

More social

Unlike some other storytelling apps, we will make Pixotale more social.

We never forget our goal: Connecting people through visual storytelling.


Capture moments

Moments will be a new concept we bring in the new version.

We found many of you liked to share monuments instead of a long form story, we found many of you liked to write stories on the mobile devices with little moments here and there. So we optimized this for you.

We hope to bring new mobile experience of storytelling soon, so people can capture their moments and tell their thoughts much easier than ever.



We make Pixotale simpler even we bring more features. We make Pixotale only focus on stories, and delegate everything else to new competent study can work seamlessly with Pixotale.


2016, here we are. We are excited to unveil a new Pixotale soon in this the new year!