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A Scuba Dive Trip To Biak

Papua, Indonesia

avatar Totofore Again
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Biak is located at the 'head shape' of Cendrawasih Bay, Papua, Indonesia, a four and half flight from Jakarta. Before I set my foot at Biak, I had no idea it was an island. It was a relatively big island that takes a few hours to go from one side of the island to the other. The scuba diving destinations were nearby islands among others was Uwi island. The underwater sight was quite interesting as we got to see a bunch of white tip and black tip sharks as well as a school of barracudas, not to mention a cave dive.


.When we had our lunch during dive interval, we spot a group of dolphins swimming in a distance. What a sight!


Unlike the rest of the population in Indonesia, the staple food here are made of sagoo. On the last day of the trip, I was supposed to have a dive at the Catarina wreck, the remains of World War II plane near Biak but the current was too strong that I aborted the dive, while everyone else did (photo credit left: Tris and right: Nina).

Managed to visit to a traditional market where they sell not only vegetables but also, sadly, live chicks!

The trip wouldn't be enough without visiting a fish market.


Warsa Waterfall is located approximately two hours North of the city of Biak.