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Pixotale 2.0 Delayed And Rebooted...

Why you still don't have the Pixotale 2.0 yet...

avatar Robert Mao
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Several months ago I wrote an open invitation for Pixotale 2.0 beta, you might noticed that Pixotale 2.0 is still not in store yet. What's going on?

We released Pixotale 1.0 exactly a year ago, we got lots of people excited about this. Apple featured us numerous of times in different regions and different categories. We were in the news media around the world and won several prizes.

The latest prize we won: 1st prize in a Chinese startup competition. I appeared on the cover page of a popular Chinese magazine and got a really nice write up:

However we also had many difficulties: It's hard to grow our user base though we have really high user retention; My cofounder left the company and went back to big corporation earlier this year. We were struggling like many startups do, as a bootstrapped startup it's even tougher.

But none of those difficulties caused the delay of our 2.0 release.

The reason we hold the release was a question I asked myself: "are those user experiences changes really worth? Is that what our users really want?"


Let's have a look at some screenshots of Pixotale 2.0 we almost released.

The new horizontal scroll design and new notifications center design in original 2.0:

The new drop down menu design in original Pixotale 2.0:

The new collection design in original Pixotale 2.0:

What do you think?

After a few weeks holding and playing back and forth with the new version vs old version, I think we made a right decision not releasing this version. It changed a lot of designs, maybe it looks prettier, or at least it has a fresh look and some modern design, but it didn't add too much value from the previous version other than the look and interactive design.

We made a bold decision: Instead of improve from this unreleased version we scrape it and will rewrite an entirely new 2.0 version.


We are working hard on it, instead of make dramatic changes in user experience, we will try to make less change here instead of improve the user interaction and collection management part. And we will make it a more realtime app too.

I write this story to let you know, we are working hard on it, though we had some difficulties, we will never give up. Though it costs a lot to abandon a ready made version, we will never compromise on the user experience.

Stay tuned, a real Pixotale 2.0 is along on its way!