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Raise: Buy Or Sell Gift Cards

The app dedicated on buy or sell gift cards only.

avatar Robert Mao
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Gift cards market are huge, sometimes you received gift cards that you don't need and want rather turn it into cash. Now there is an app to help you sell them.


Since there are people might sell them in the app, then it means you can buy them (for a discount!) as well.

The app's name is "Raise", I have no idea why the name it as this since I don't think it has anything to do with the gift cards.


Sell gift card is pretty straight forward, open the app you can find a big red "Sell gift cards for cash" in the bottom. Or, you can always find the "Sell a card" option on the left side menu.

First step is enter the card type, apparently not every gift card is supported. I tried the iTunes card it told me they won't accept it. 😞

I tried with Starbucks card and this time it was happy with it. You can choose your own discount rate, and Raise will take a cut from your sale.

Let's take a look how to buy the discounted gift cards. It's interesting it provide a "nearby" tab, it show me the nearby stores' gift card they can sell. This is a very useful feature, imagine if I am in or near a store I may use this app to instantly buy some discounted cards and save money!

You can add different cards in the shopping cart and then checkout once.

Another interesting feature is "wallet", after you buy those cards, some cards can stay in your " wallet" in this app, do you don't need to handle the real card yourself.


Though I am not a huge fan of gift cards, I still feel this is a pretty useful app, I may use it to save some money in the future.