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Cool Sony Handycam With Built-in Projector

Happen see this Sony camera with a pico projector built-in, really a cool gadget.

avatar Robert Mao
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I happen saw this sony camcorder with projector built-in in a Costco store. It's pretty impressive and useful concept so I have it a try(in the store).

I like this concept, I always feel it's so inconvenient to view the video from a camcorder, have a projector in it is definitely a huge value add!


The projected image is pretty sharp, I guess the brightness won't be enough, but considering its size it's still very impressive.


(The image on the white board is projected image, it looks dim in the store's light)

This model (Sony HDR PJ350) Costco price tag:


Here is a few concept images from the web show the scenarios of the projector in use.

Looks like there are newer models on the market PJ540, cost more with latest features.