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Remlinger Farm

A family fun afternoon in Remlinger Farm

avatar Robert Mao
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We bought a Groupon deal a few months ago for the Remlinger Farms. This farm is a farm-turned-little-theme park, I have friends visited before and heard their kids enjoyed.


The farm is just less than 30 min away from my home.

The entrance (and also exit) is a big farmer store and restaurant. The stuff in store looks pretty good, we didn't try the restaurant but heard it's not that good.

Pony ride!


This pony's name is Blackberry. Catherine enjoyed the ride.

And then, we returned and have another ride with "Apple".

And then we have the train ride! This steaming engine train is a high-lighted attraction for this farm.




It's a real steam engine! Small but complete, nor a toy or decorated one.

This is where steam drive the train.


The burning part of the steam engine.


Other fun rides, the "self driving" cars for kids.


Little canoe.

Little train:

Hay stack maze is a great place for kids to have fun:

It's pretty much the place for Catherine only.:) Alice quickly feel bored but Catherine went to ride the train, the car, the little train, the canoe and the ponies all for twice!

I took a few pictures of flowers and fruits etc.

We finished here and bought some fresh plums in the farms store, they are the most delicious plums I ever tasted!


  • highly recommended for kinds under 6, they will love most of rides here

  • not recommend for big kids or adult... :)