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Everyone's Story Deserves "Snowfall" Quality

With Pixotale, you can tell your own story like The New York Time's "Snowfall".

avatar Robert Mao
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"Snowfall" is a multimedia visual story by The New York Times about the avalanche at Steven's Pass in 2012.

The beautiful, visually rich, and interactive storytelling instantly captured the audience and it won the Pulitzer Prize of that year.


It took a professional journalist and his team months of work to create this master piece. But I kept asking myself "How can normal people like you and I create stories like this?" I have always believed that everyone's story deserves the same quality and experience like "snowfall" story. And it is important to make tools to enable people to create and share such stories of their life.


Stevens Pass is a popular ski area which is only two hours drive from my home. And when the accident happened, I, a beginner skier, also went to ski not far away from there that day.

Since then, enabling anyone to be create a story with the same level of quality and experience as the "snowfall" story became our vision and driving force behind Pixotale.


We want to make it extremely easy for anyone to create beautiful, visual, and interactive stories with photos, video, text, etc. directly from their mobile phone or tablets.

Every day we are working harder and getting closer towards realizing our vision!