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Starbucks Roastery & Taste Room

The newly opened fancy showroom of Starbucks.

avatar Robert Mao
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We went to the shiny newly opened Starbucks Roastery & Taste Room on the New Years Day right after we finished our SAM visit.


It's located on the Pikes Street, but on the east side of I-5, about 5 minutes away from the first Starbucks store.

This place is pretty popular for now, we have to wait in the queue for about 10 min in order to come in. Some of friends waited even longer.


It's a fancy decorated roastery factory with a huge cafe.

Looks like it's all computer controlled.

A very well printed map to show the roastery factory.


This board show what coffee bean they are roasting today. Honestly I have no idea about them.😊


The menu looks like a bill. What on the menu has less choice than a normal Starbucks, you can only choose from espresso, latte, mocha or brewery coffee. But you do get extra choice of coffee beans.

The center bar brew fresh coffee, the coffee beans are sucked in from the pips on the top directly from the roastery machine.


We finally get our coffee after about 40 minutes waiting! The Latte is not the sweet one in normal Starbucks but the lattes you can order from a "real" cafe.

Coffee tastes great, but not extraordinary, just a nice coffee.