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PetAlone: FaceTime For Dogs

A hackathon project to let dog owners talk to their dog remotely and dispense

avatar Robert Mao
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Per owners always worry about their lovely pets left home along. I talked to my dogs via FaceTime and he actually respond to my voice and seemed very confused when looking on the screen.

We built "PetAlone" project in the hackathon, it's a FaceTime for pets and beyond!

Here is what get:

First of all, it's an auto answer WebRTC video call system. We can't bring the dog here so we have to let Tau act like a dog!😝


Also it's a treat dispenser, pet owner can remotely give treat to their pets! The key component is printed by a 3d printer, driven by a servo, controlled by a wifi connected MediaTek LinkItOne board.

And the sensors with Wunder board collecting temperature , humidity, ... And push the data to the cloud!


Here how it look:


And here is the team:


We became one of the 20 finalists and presented on stage, however we didn't win any prize this time. It's still a fun experience and get to know many cool people and heard many cool ideas.