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Pitch Hacking: Learn the secrets of storytelling

Pitch Hacking: Learn the secrets of storytelling for your success - JD Schramm

avatar Robert Mao
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"Pitch Hacking: Learn the secrets of storytelling for your success" by JD Schramm. (This is a live story from the event and it keeps updating)

The event is hosted in HackerDojo, a co-working space.


The igniter 6 words story pitch challenge:


JD kicks start with a story.


Key elements of communication strategy.


He recommended a book by Chris Lipp "effective startup pitch". Four key elements: problem-solution-market-business.


He also recommend TED short talks. He showed us a 4 min TED video by Mark Bezos to show us how the speaker successfully used those skills.

Then we break in teams to think a story and practice in pairs. I use this time and opportunity to prepare my story for the New Tech Seattle presentation next month, I think I got some really good story ideas with what I learned from JD's talk.

"Sourcing startup success through concise storytelling ", that's his closing words.


I made a few great connections and even one potential partner during the networking. Here is a selfie with the beautiful event organizer Cynthia and her friend. Thanks for her great work for organizing and hosting the event.