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Princess' Dream Comes True

Catherine got her birthday gift: a pink bunk bed!

avatar Robert Mao
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Catherine always wanted her own bunk bed and she finally got a pink one for her birthday!


So cool, isn't it? Even her mom sighed she wish had such a pretty pink bunker bed in her Childhood! We used to look for one for Alice a while ago in China, but it was either too ugly, or too expensive, or too big. But this one is nearly perfect on everything.


It's no fun for a daddy to build from those from scratch!

The manual looks super complex, much harder than create this app!!!


After countless hours...


However the bunk bed is not really for Catherine to sleep safe for now...

Luckily this bunk bed is designed to be a convertible one, it's easy to change it to two twins beds:


The ladder become a new toy for Catherine to access her big closet.


She is super happy for being a girl who own two pink beds in her bedroom!