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[Inside] : Realtime And Interactive News App On Mobile

avatar Robert Mao
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Most news apps show you categorized news curated by their editor, or allow you subscribe to certain topics to customize your own feed.


"Inside" is a news app with all those features and add more interactive features to allow you quickly response to a news: vote up or down, discuss, or share to social networks, more interesting many of news have polling feature to allow you quickly express your opinion and see what others thought.

Right after you select your opinion (it you can skip and see the result directly), a simple but nice polling result info graphic show up, you can even share that polling result to your social network.

The following topics and recommendations in this app are better than most of other news app I tried.

Every story has its topic show up on the top and you can follow the topic immediately. This is a tiny little detail but I enjoyed most, for many other news app it ask me to follow topic right after I sign up, I sometimes have no idea which topics to follow, this end up of either follow random topics or only follow those topics obvious to me. Inside app's design just show me stories with the topics and allow me follow on the spot, I found I eventually followed many interesting topics I didn't realize I should follow.


The recommendation also works fantastic. After I follow a few topics it gave me recommendations based what I have followed. Instead of a pop up screen or a dedicated page, the make those recommendations embed in the news feed. This is a nice little detail I like, it's intuitive and not interrupt my news reading experience.


Overall I found this is a great app for news reading and discovery, it's unique design makes it a smart news app than its rivals, highly recommended!