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Catherine's First 5 Miles Hiking

5 miles hiking in Redmond Watershed Preserve trail, Catherine made it!

Today is the only and probably the last sunny day in this month, so went for a family hiking. It's the first "real" hiking Catherine ever went, surprisedly she made 5 miles herself without any problems.

The main trail we hiked, total 4.6 miles.


Before this long trail we hiked a shorter one to the pond near the entrance, around 0.8 mile. So In total she hiked 5 miles in 2.5 hours.

There is a little pond on the right side of the entrance, and a observation deck on the side, to get to the deck you need to take a short trail around 0.4 miles.




The real hiking begin! Catherine led the way.


Catherine was looking on mushrooms. There are lots of different kinds of mushrooms there.



On the way...


So beautiful weather and beautiful forest.


Leafs were flying around from the tall trees. Some of those leaves are huge!


Catherine with giant leafs.


Inspired by giant leafs, Catherine asked dad to write a Pixotale story about her hiking... And she planned a few pose for the story!


A giant log was blocking the trail... Kids were more than happy to jump off them!


Almost 1 miles left to finish... Catherine began to feel bored or tired and ask for getting lifted...


However mom promised if she could walk to the end she can sleep with mom tonight! That's a big prize !! She quickly began to run!


Happy hiking family:


Catherine: "Daddy hurry up! You are always the last one..."


Power line trail! That means we almost back to the starting point (we were hiking a loop trail)!


Kids found a funny caterpillar...


Finally we arrived the parking lot! We hiked the main trail for about 2 hours and 10 minutes, total distance 4.6 miles! Catherine did on her own.


We were all tired... The parking lot is nice and with dinning tables... But we didn't plan for a picnic... 😝

That was the first 5 miles hiking Catherine did!

And as a promise from mom, if she can finish any family hiking she will be award the prize again! Catherine was so excited and can't wait for the next hiking!