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A Few Must Fix Issues On iPad

There are a few UX issues need to be fixed on iPad. They do exist on iPhone as well, but those issues feel much worse on iPad.

Playing Pixotale on iPad, and use it as a blog or note taking app to explore the possibility of how we can use it for.
Here as a few issues makes play Pixotale much less appearing on iPad, they actually also exist on iPhone, but looks like on iPhone screen those issue are less a problem because the size of the screen.
- border of the story is too little and make the story looks very busy and ugly on iPad. The web version has same issue on iPad. A good reference design is Medium, it lately supported iPad, and it does has wider side margin.
- font of story cover is too small and too thin. They are already a bit thin on iPhone, since we use same font size on iPad, they looks extremely small and thin and feel the cover is not very nice.
- subtitle position and font looks pretty bad, they are not pretty on iPhone but looks awful on iPad.
- map on story can be dragged, it makes the scroll page a bit hard.