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Marketa Irglova's Seattle Show

A great experience with Marketa Irglova, "the girl".

We went to see Marketa Iglova in Triple Door today. A great evening, wonderful experience!



I went to see her two years ago when she first time performed here in Seattle . The same venue, same band, same singer, same old songs, and sure some new songs! Still feel great!

I knew her from the movie "Once"... Hey, whose not?!


But it means more for myself is because I lived in Dublin at the time, all those places in the movie were the places I was so familiar with. And, it is a great movie with great music. It's quite interesting though i was living in Dublin at the time I first heard about it in Redmond, where I am living now.

I especially liked her Oscar winning speech: ''The fact that we're standing here tonight... is just to prove that no matter how far out your dreams are, it's possible.''

I liked her music, her voice and the show, especially I liked her always give the opportunities to her team or even strangers. In tonight's show she invited a Seattle singer to sing a song on stage and asked her to play "falling slowly " together, that's very impressive.



It's a beautiful night tonight, felt so good with so many wonderful songs.