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One Bulkhead's Story

Not even one year ago, I was a decrepit bulkhead, my logs so old and rotten that I could barely hold back the yard let alone protect my home from the sea. I guess my old owners thought that if they just prettied up my surroundings no one would notice my failing state.

Thank goodness I was sold last year to some men who care about me and my house by the sea. Check out how they've transformed me and the yard.



After ripping out my crumbling logs, new posts of Douglas Fir were planted into the beach, one foot buried for each foot above. Then I got a snazzy cap of 12x4 timbers and a concrete pier. But they didn't stop there.


A lawn yard, a new deck and suddenly I'm starting a whole new life. And then with no warning, the best part...


I'm green!