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Life with cats

Two cats and two person

Have you ever raised a cat in your life?


To be honest it takes a lot of efforts. I never had a child in my life. But I guess it might be a little similar to have a child. Feeding, cleaning after their poop, and also you can not leave them in a house for a long time. (Before I have them, I thought cats don't need to be taken care as much as dogs, but that is not true.)


Although it is not to easy raise them, I found it worthwhile as they always bring a fun moment to my life everyday.


When I just woke up on the bed, this is the scene that I see everyday. They are waiting for me to feed them. Sometimes it can be stressful, but it is good to have someone waiting? :)


Recently, We adopted a new family member. Bravva, the mopping robot to keep clean the floor and cats were excited and nervous!


The little cat, bonnie likes to hang out with his mom


And my old cat,Soah, likes to sleep and eat.


family photos!

Happy life with cats!