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How To Write Great Stories About Events

Tips for writing great live stories about events with Pixotale app .

Writing stories about events are fun, memorable and social. By sharing event stories, you not only create nice memories for you and other participants, but also open up a lot of opportunities for yourself to better connect with others.

Here are a few tips to make it even easier to create event stories with the Pixotale app:

1 picture is worth 1000 words

Mobile phone makes it super easy to take photos, and photo is the best way to record events.

Without spending a lot of time, you can create amazing event stories by simply snapping photos and add a bit narrative text.

You can easily import photos from camera roll into Pixotale, which means you can focus on talking a bunch of photos and write the story later.

Events are about people

Events are all about people, so don't miss the moments of the people.

One tip of creating event stories is to take enough pictures of someone, or a team, instead of an overview of the whole event.

With the right combination, you can make the people or the team pop out from your stories.


Focus on a topic

There are a lot of things going on during the event and you can't cover everything. Instead of trying to write different stuff here and there, focus on one topic, one team, certain category to make it easier to produce quality stories.

Add a few interactive elements will make the story more interesting to read.

For event stories, add a map of the venue, a polling of certain questions. All those elements will help the reader interact with the story, not just read them.

Share the story, even before you finish them

Stories are for sharing, sharing makes stories more fun. With Pixotale you can very easily share the story with your social networks. Just one tap you can share it anywhere.

You can share the story even before you finish them. Actually those "live" stories during events are more fun to read! Remember the techcrunch live stories during the Apple event? You can do it too with Pixotale! Every time you republish the story it get updated automatically.